No bail for men involved in death of moped driver in Benalmádena

The scene of the accident on Avenida Antonio Machado.
The scene of the accident on Avenida Antonio Machado. / Ñito Salas
  • The two men have been provisionally sent to prison while authorities continue their investigations

One young man was killed and another seriously injured last Saturday when a Renault Laguna ran down the moped that they were travelling on.

The two Spanish youths, 19 and 20 years old and of Moroccan origin, had previously been involved in an argument with two other men in Plaza Solymar, just 100 metres from the scene of the accident.

One of the detained men had rung police to ask for help after the argument as he had taken refuge in a bar and was afraid to leave. When the police arrived the man, who had a scratch on his face and swelling on his cheek, said he had been in a fight with two Moroccan youths. He did not want to report them, only to get to his car and go home.

Minutes later the police received a call informing them of an accident in the same area. A witness identified the youths on the moped as being the ones involved in the fracas earlier and gave a description of the car involved. A knife was found at the scene. In the early hours of the morning the car was discovered along with the owner. The car showed signs of being in an accident and still had a piece of the moped attached to the chassis.

The second suspect handed himself into the courts on Monday morning.