National Police arrest three men from human trafficking network

  • The leader of the group is arrested in Morocco

Three Nigerian men belonging to a large human-trafficking network have been arrested by National Police. One of whom is believed to be the leader of the group.

The gang are thought to have smuggled people from Nigeria into Spain and other parts of Europe for sexual exploitation.

Most of the victims were women who were either pregnant or accompanied by their children as they were smuggled through countries such as Niger, Mali, Algeria, Libya and Tunisia en route to their final destination.

The leader of the group, Evo Rabel, was arrested in Morocco and is accused of forcing women into prostitution as well as being the person who controlled the movement of the women across the Strait of Gibraltar.

The other two men supposedly led operations from Tangier, with one receiving victims from Nigeria and moving them on to Morocco while the other provided accommodation for the women in Tangier before arranging their entry into Spain.

The operation began back in 2015, when agents involved in an investigation into a sexual exploitation network obtained information from victims identifying these three as the main coordinators.