Two arrested after dog found living in squalor with no food or water

Image of the dog released by National Police.
Image of the dog released by National Police. / POLICÍA NACIONAL
  • Neighbours reported hearing the animal, which tested positive for Leishmaniasis and was covered in sores and flea bites

A new case of animal abuse reached the courts this week; this time a dog in Torre del Mar which was being kept tied up in squalid conditions in Torre del Mar.

National police officers found the dog, which had neither food nor water at the time, in a building in Torre del Mar after neighbours reported hearing the animal over a lengthy period of time. The owners, a 20 and 24-year-old man from Torre del Mar were detained by officers.

A vet report supplied to the police confirmed that the dog had flea bites, was very underweight and was suffering from dermatitis all over its body, which had become infected.

In addition the dog, known as Rex, tested positive for Leishmaniasis, an illness common in dogs and transmitted by mosquitoes, which, if not treated can cause death.

There was no record of Rex having received the vaccinations required by Spanish and Andalusian law, nor did he have the mandatory microchip.

Rex is now in the care of a local animal shelter and the owners are to appear in court, accused of negligence and not respecting the legal requirements of keeping a dog.