Vote of no confidence is act of "revenge" says Frigiliana mayor

The PSOE and PA councillors who motioned the vote.
The PSOE and PA councillors who motioned the vote. / SUR
  • Less than a year after the PP and PSOE formed a pact, councillors say there has been a "lack of leadership, objectives and ideas "

A vote of no confidence has been motioned against the current mayor of Frigiliana, José Antonio González and his party, the Partido Popular (PP).

Councillors from the socialist PSOE and Andalusian party, Partido Andalucista (PA), presented the motion on Monday and, if passed, on 20 February, the current PSOE spokesperson, Alejandro Herrero, will become mayor.

For his part, Mr González has said that the two parties are simply seeking, "political revenge."

In the 2015 local elections, the PP formed a coalition with the PA, which collapsed in 2016. In March 2016, the PP formed an unprecedented coalition with the PSOE, but differences between the two parties has led to "a lack of leadership, a lack of objectives and of ideas," according to PA and PSOE representatives.

In neighbouring Nerja, rumours of a similar vote are still circulating.