Roca, last week, at the Ciudad de Justicia.
Roca, last week, at the Ciudad de Justicia. / Ñito Salas

Marbella recovers one million euros from Roca in civil liabilities

  • The mastermind of the Marbella town planning corruption scandal owes a total of 70 million euros to the town hall

Marbella town hall reclaimed one of 70 million euros owed to it by Juan Antonio Roca on Wednesday.

The provincial court in Malaga agreed that this sum would be taken for civil liabilities in the 'Saqueo 1' and 'Saqueo 2' cases. In the first, Roca was condemned to paying 24 millions between himself and three other convicted parties, with the figure rising to 61 million euros to include the 37 million from the second.

Roca, who at the time paid 8 million euros for the first, still owes Marbella town hall 70 million euros for other cases he has been involved in.

Given that is was only during the 'Malaya' case that assets were seized from Roca, it is the court of this case that is in charge of administering his assets and deciding where the money should go.

This one million euros was raised through sales of Roca's assets by auction through a website set up especially for the occasion.

Since being set up in February 2016, has attracted 2.6 million visitors. So far, it has raised 4.6 million euros in properties (one in Madrid for 495,000 euros, one in Marbella for 700,000 euros and a country house in Los Alcázares for 160,000) and a further half a million in items of furniture, artwork and other moveable assets, according to Europa Press.

Spokesman for Marbella town hall, Javier Porcuna, said that the money would be used to clear part of a debt with Social Security and the Tax Office.

"As with most money recovered by the courts, it ends up back in the hands of the central government to clear debts," he said.