George Michael's guitar to be moved to MIMMA museum

George Michael handing over the guitar after his concert.
George Michael handing over the guitar after his concert. / SUR
  • The guitar, used by the singer during his concert in the city in 1989, had been kept in a glass case in the Municipal Department for Youth

The Municipal Department for Youth, the 'Área de Juventud', has announced that the guitar given by George Michael to the city of Malaga following his controversial concert nearly 28 years ago is to be permanently relocated to MIMMA, the Malaga music museum.

The vintage guitar was signed by the pop star, who died on Christmas Day, after he used it in his one-hour performance at La Rosaleda stadium in the summer of 1989.

The Gretsch Synchromatic, an acoustic guitar which was used in throughout the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s, has been kept in a glass case in the municipal Youth Department since it was given to the city by Michael, and will be the focus of a series of activities before it is moved to the museum.

One of these activities will take place in spring and will include a tribute concert by those who have competed in the MalagaCrea competition, a contest to find the best artistic talents in Andalucia.

Photos of the star's own performance in the city on 3 July 1989 will also be displayed in an exhibition.

The concert itself, however, was a disaster. When the stadium gates opened, there was still no official confirmation that Michael would be performing.

The artist himself only landed in Malaga 10 minutes before midnight, and began his performance at 1.20 in the morning.

He also had to be deemed fit to perform by an ophthalmologist after suffering a detached retina while doing watersports in Ibiza the previous day.

Meanwhile, the city hall lost some 130 million pesetas (780 million euros) after an underwhelming turnout of just 12,000 people.