Danish tourist dies after fall in Maro-Cerro Gordo Cliffs nature reserve

The emergency services at the scene of the fall.
The emergency services at the scene of the fall. / E. C.
  • The man fell from a cliff while out for a walk with his wife

An 81-year-old Danish man died on Sunday after falling from a cliff in a rocky area of Las Alberquillas beach in the Maro-Cerro Gordo nature reserve.

The emergency services tried to revive the man, who was taking a walk with his wife, but he had already died when they arrived on site.

Several witnesses at the scene told SUR that the couple had been staying in a motor home near the beach, and went for a walk in the vicinity shortly before 2pm.

The fatality occurred in the middle of the nature reserve, a site which many tourists and excursionists visit throughout the year.

This is not the first fatal accident to happen in the area in recent memory, after Polish tourist S.R. Dawid, 25, died following a fall onto a rocky zone near La Torrecilla beach in April 2015.