Plans to pedestrianise Vélez-Málaga town centre included in 2017 budget

There are plans to pedestrianise Vélez-Málaga town centre.
There are plans to pedestrianise Vélez-Málaga town centre. / Agustín Peláez
  • A sum of a million euros has been set aside in this year's budget with the aim of incentivising and promoting local business

Vélez-Málaga town hall has revealed plans to pedestrianise the town centre in this year's budget. One million euros has been set aside to pave the roads around Plaza de las Carmelitas, where the town hall is located and extends to Canalejas, Cristo, Camino Viejo de Málaga roads, Reyes Católicos and los Leones, or Andalucía squares.

According to the town's mayor, Antonio Moreno Ferrer, councillors and technical staff are currently studying the viability of the project, including access for residents and local businesses in the area as well as the possibility of allowing public transport to use the roads.

Moreno Ferrer added that recent underground work in the area means that the project would only require paving, rather than digging roads up to install pipes and cables.

The mayor has also promised to hold regular meetings with businesses and residents in the area and said that the objective of the pedestrinasation is to, "incentivise and promote local business". The idea had been mooted by the previous administration, under the name 'Town of the people.'