More than 8,000 people protest against health cuts

Healthcare professionals led the demonstration through the city centre
Healthcare professionals led the demonstration through the city centre / Álvaro Cabrera
  • The movement is gaining support, with the march significantly surpassing the 3,000 people that gathered for the previous protest

The movement against public health cuts is gaining support in Malaga as more than 8,000 people took to the streets for the second organised protest in defence of a quality public service on Sunday. The march, in which a number of health professionals from various parts of the province participated, made its way through the main streets of the city centre with shouts of "Malaga for decent public healthcare".

The protest was much larger than the previous one in November, which gathered together around 3,000 people. Last Sunday's demonstration was believed to have nearly tripled this amount in just two months, despite the fact that the National Police reported that 5,500 people attended while the organisation behind the protest stated that the figure was nearer 30,000.

The march, organised by school teacher, Jonatán Andrades, began in Plaza de la Marina and headed towards Calle Larios, where demonstrators began to shout against the proposed health cuts of the Andalusian government and demanded the construction of a third hospital.