Benalmádena breaks low season records with 56% increase in tourists in November

A Benalmádena hotel.
A Benalmádena hotel. / SUR
  • A survey shows that 20,000 foreign visitors stayed in hotels in Benalmádena last November

According to a recent survey, Benalmádena was the top Costa del Sol tourist destination during November 2016.

The survey, carried out by the NIE (national institute of statistics), showed that there was a 56 per cent increase in overnight stays last November, compared to the same period of 2015. This figure was also more than double than those of 2013.

The figures reveal that hotel occupancy in Benalmádena was over 60 per cent during the low season, even beating Torremolinos, another destination that has announced record figures for the same period.

Benalmádena received 6.47 per cent of the tourists visiting the Costa del Sol during November, followed closely by Torremolinos (5.65) and Nerja (4.96).

These figures may be due to the fact that many hotels in Torremolinos, especially in Montemar, closed at the end of October, while more than twenty remained open in Benalmádena.

The survey also revealed that the hotels in Benalmádena kept almost 900 people in full or part-time employment during the low season.

Encarnación Cortés, councillor for Tourism, said, "2016 has been one of the best years for tourism in Benalmádena in the last decade. These results are very good and reflect a trend that we hope will continue in the future."

She pointed out that the hotels had attracted 20,000 foreign visitors in November, the highest figure since 2007.

December figures are also expected to be higher than they have been for some considerable time.