Algodonales woman is first patient at new Ronda hospital

Mayte Flores with her husband and mother.
Mayte Flores with her husband and mother. / VANESSA MELGAR
  • Mayte Flores had an appointment at one of the five outpatients surgeries that opened at the new hospital on Tuesday morning

Activity began at the new Ronda hospital on Tuesday morning with five outpatients surgeries open: General Surgery, Dermatology, Anaesthesia, Gynaecology and Obstetrics and Paediatrics, after a wait of more than 20 years. Mayte Flores, a young woman from Algodonales, was the first patient waiting for an appointment. The hospital will serve an area of 85,000 people who live in towns and villages in the Serranía as well as others in the province of Cadiz, such as Ubrique, Benaocaz and Villaluenga del Rosario, among others. A total of 82 patients went to their appointments on the hospital's first day.

The hospital will be fully operative in April, when the move from the Hospital Comarcal is complete. The more than 700 healthcare professionals at the Comarcal will eventually be moved to the new centre. The new hospital was visited on Tuesday by the representative of the regional government in Malaga, José Luis Ruiz Espejo; the province's Health delegate, Ana Isabel González; the manager of the Serranía health district, José Antonio Ruiz; the mayor of Ronda, Teresa Valdenebro; and the councillor for Public Works, Francisco Márquez.

The facility has cost nearly 50 million euros. The first stone was laid in October 2008 by the firm FCC Construcción. Then a time line of 42 months was established for the works, however these were halted due to a lack of funds.

It has 152 individual rooms (compared to the previous 18 single and 55 doubles) and covers 37,800 square metres compared to 13,500. It is expecting annual activity of more than 41,000 emergency cases, 113,000 specialist consultations, 32,000 hospital stays and 3,500 surgical interventions.