Ronda's new hospital receives its first patients today

The new Ronda hospital.
The new Ronda hospital. / V. MELGAR
  • Five specialist units open first with the rest of the services moving over gradually. The hospital will be fully operational in three months' time

It has been a long wait - the construction of the new hospital was approved 15 years ago and started nine years ago - but on Tuesday the new hospital in Ronda opens its doors to its first patients.

Five outpatients surgeries are now in operation general surgery, dermatology, anaesthesia, gynaecology, obstetrics and paediatrics.

With a budget of 140,000 euros to finalise the move, it is that the transfer from the current Regional Hospital to the Hospital de la Serranía de Ronda will be complete within three months, meaning that the new facilities will be operating at full capacity in early April.

"The rest of the consultations and the diagnostic tests will open and there will be a moment in which these will be simultaneous in the new hospital and in the old one; the outpatients and the surgical day hospital. In the last week, which will be the most intense, patients will be admitted and the emergencies and operating rooms will be transferred," explained the provincial delegate for the Health Department, Ana Isabel González.

The new hospital, in which nearly 50 million euros have been invested, will provide health care for over 85,000 people in the Ronda region. It has 152 individual rooms (compared to the previous 18 single and 55 doubles) and covers 37,800 square metres compared to 13,500. It is expecting annual activity of more than 41,000 emergencies, 113,000 specialist consultations, 32,000 hospital stays and 3,500 surgical interventions.

The hospital will have more than 700 professionals working there, about the same number of staff as at the old one.