Marbella town hall aims to reduce time period for granting planning permission

Speeding up the process of granting planning permission in Marbella is a priority for 2017, announced the councillor responsible for Planning, Isabel Pérez, this week. She explained that the approval of the adaptation of the 1986 urban plan (PGOU) would mean that applications could be processed more easily and quickly.

This, said the councillor, will be the result of more information being available thanks to new technology.

Pérez justified the time taken for an application to reach the hands of a town hall expert, which can be as long as eight months, by saying that the former council's system did not mean that the process was any faster.

She admitted though that as yet they hadn't been able to reduce the time due to the "complications" in 2016, including the annulment of the former PGOU at the end of 2015.

The number of building licences approved in 2016 in Marbella was ten per cent down on the previous year, said the councillor.