Malaga-based cooperative puts first solar-powered vehicles on the market

Malaga-based cooperative puts first solar-powered vehicles on the market

  • The cars, invented by Evovelo and made in Girona, can carry two people for up to 90 kilometres and cost 4,500 euros

The first hundred solar-powered vehicles in the world, invented by the Malaga cooperative Evovelo and which is made of renewable products, will be delivered to their buyers from the start of March.

The car, Mö, can carry two people and is marketed at "city people" who drive "between ten and twenty kilometres a day" and want a "more cost-effective and ecological way to travel", explained the company's head of Research and Development, Gonzalo Chomón.

The first recipients of this new vehicle, whose production takes place in Girona, were chosen by the company from the around 500 interested parties who saw the vehicle showcased the United Nations Climate Change Conference held in Paris at the end of 2015.

The car, which can go up to 50 kilometres per hour, is fuelled by several solar panels fitted to the exterior, as well as a new-generation lithium battery. The vehicle also boasts a brushless three-phase motor.

"You take out the battery, which weighs around eight kilogrammes, like a small suitcase, and you can take it to work and charge it as though it were a mobile phone," said Chomón. Within an hour, you can get 90 per cent charge.

With this system, you can avoid problems caused by bad weather and sales have been made to clients in Boston (USA) where "as well as very cold days, they have days with a lot of sunshine," he explained.

Mö can run for between 50 and 90 kilometres and can be bought for 4,500 euros (plus taxes).