Charitable Three Kings

Toys being collected by the Society of St. George
Toys being collected by the Society of St. George / Leandro Pavón
  • The 'Frente Bolillón', the Desván Solidario and St. George donated more than 500 toys to families in Estepona, Manilva and Casares

  • Associations made sure that children had toys for 'Kings Day'

Since 6 January, every town and village has seen children playing in the street with toys and games that they received from the Three Kings or were found under the Christmas tree. The economic situation of many people have made this a difficult time but the work of charitable associations in Manilva, Estepona and Casares have helped families on low incomes to give their children presents from the Three Kings.

In total over 500 toys were given out among the parents who needed help to put a smile on their children's faces on Three Kings Day.

The group Frente Bolillón in Estepona has been sharing out toys for twenty-two years. This year, the 'No Child Without a Toy' campaign has benefited 180 families in the town.

For the first time the campaign included the children of victims of domestic violence, but even with these included, the number of family groups that made use of this charitable measure has decreased compared to previous years. In 2012 around 400 families were helped.

The toys were donated by local businesses or by private entities who either gave toys or the money to buy toys. The town hall also helped by using points collected from petrol stations when filling up the council vehicles to exchange for gifts.

Desván Solidario

In Casares, the food bank 'El Desván Solidario' took charge of collecting around 180 toys for the Three Kings to distribute in the town. Half of the toys were donated by the Escuela de Música de Secadero, who bought 90 toys with the money raised at their last Festival de Música.

The toys were given out to children aged between three months and 16 years from families who were registered with the Programa Municipal de Inserción Social (Municipal Social Inclusion Programme).

The rest of the toys collected by Desván Solidario were given to members of the Society of St. George in Sabinillas. This charitable group also distributed gifts in Estepona and increased the number of children who received toys in the town by 130. In Estepona the children who received toys were aged between three and 15 years.