Vélez-Málaga baby is first in Andalucía in 2017 and among first in the country

Elisabeth Díaz and Francisco Pastor with their daughters.
Elisabeth Díaz and Francisco Pastor with their daughters. / Eugenio Cabezas
  • Carlota's father, Francisco, said that instead of eating the traditional grapes at midnight, they were waiting at the hospital

The first baby to be born in Malaga province in 2017 was a girl, born to Elisabeth Díaz, 32, and Francisco Pastor, 35, from Vélez-Málaga. Baby Carlota came into the world at the Hospital de la Axarquía de Vélez-Málaga just as the clock struck midnight. Little Carlota, who weighed just under 3.380 kilos and measured 49 centimetres, shares the title of first baby born in Spain with two other baby girls born at exactly the same time, one named Lara in the Santa Caterina de Salt hospital in Catalonia and the other, Alejandra, at the Clínico San Carlos in Madrid. "We couldn't even eat our grapes, but for very a very happy reason," explained the baby's father. Elisabeth Díaz had been in hospital since Friday as she thought she was going in to labour, but Carlota clearly wanted to wait until 2017 to make her debut.

"Everything happened very quickly, They gave me an epidural, but it didn't work," says Elisabeth, who has a four-year-old daughter with Francisco, also called Elisabeth. It was Carlota's big sister who chose her name. "I wanted to call her Yumari or Carlota, but in the end we chose Carlota," little Elisabeth told SUR on New Year's Day, who added that she would; "look after her and love her always."

The baby's father, the owner of a fishing boat based in Caleta de Vélez harbour, hopes that his daughter will be "healthy" and that the fishing industry picks up soon.

"It's really bad. We're catching less and less fish and we have more and more bills," he said.

Grandparents, Francisco Pastor and Purificación Gumersindo were also "proud and delighted" with the news of the arrival of their sixth granddaughter.

The second baby to be born was Cristina, at Hospital Quirón in Malaga city. Mum Rocío Mayorga, 35, gave birth at 12.13am to her first daughter, who weighed 3.14 kilos.

Cristina's father, Francisco, along with Carlota's dad are among the first who are entitled to four weeks of paternity leave following a change in the law, extending it from the 15 days that was allowed previously. The law came into effect on 1 January this year.