Torremolinos enters the new year with optimism

José Ortiz; looking forward to the future of Torremolinos.
José Ortiz; looking forward to the future of Torremolinos. / SUR
  • "If we can see the future in a positive way, we can become a city of growth with a great future on the Costa del Sol"

Taking stock of 2016, the Mayor of Torremolinos, José Ortiz, declared that it had been an important year for Torremolinos, and he believes that the coming year will be one of great development for the town.

In his end of year address, the mayor acknowledged the importance of the support of all political groups in the town, adding that their joint efforts had achieved the best possible results for the future of Torremolinos.

The town hall's main priority in 2017 will be the final approval of the Town Planning Regulations (PGOU), with which they hope to create stability for entrepreneurs, attract new investors and create sustainable jobs.

José Ortiz, who has now been in charge for 18 months, said, "I think that 2017 will be a fundamental year for Torremolinos, and we look forward with hope and optimism."

Torremolinos town hall had previously applied for a loan from the European Regional Development Fund and was turned down, but they have recently submitted a second application after adjustments were made to the town's original request.

The town hall has developed a ten year plan, which will oversee a lasting and long-term improvement of the social, economic and environmental conditions of Torremolinos.

The mayor explained that the program of proposals contained in the Sustainable Urban development Plan (EDUSI), would reflect the town's marine character.

This strategic plan includes flagship projects and priority actions for the development of Torremolinos and the revitalization of the urban centre.

He praised the huge leap that was made for final approval in 2016, saying, "We have witnessed a very intense year and a lot of work has already been undertaken."

He also highlighted the efforts made by municipal professionals and technicians who have greatly improved the infrastructure and the image of Torremolinos.

The mayor said, "We have to be optimistic. In short, the centre will continue to develop, but we will have to adhere to the delicate economic situation. Everything suggests that the general plan will finally become a reality this year, so it will be a year of job creation, development and opportunities to reinvent the future."

If approval for funding is received, the council can begin the transformation of the town, which will include a complete face lift of the Plaza Costa del Sol and the Avenida Palma de Mallorca.

The deputy mayor, Maribel Tocón, said, "This is our second request after failing to obtain financing the first time, although this time we must be optimistic about the real possibilities to improve our bid with a more competitive, solid project."

"In a month and a half we have refined our strategy, and with the experience of learning by the mistakes we made the first time, we are presenting a prosperous city that is worthy of investment," the deputy mayor continued.

The slogan chosen for the new strategy is 'Avante Torremolinos' which symbolises that the town is prepared for the new reality on all fronts; a city that moves towards the future.

Tourism figures for Torremolinos in 2016 represented a remarkable increase compared to previous years.

Hotel occupancy hit record levels during the summer months and the catering sector in the town also reported a significant rise in business during 2016.

The mayor enters the New Year optimistic about the future of his town, stressing that there is nothing more exciting than "fighting for the city to continue transforming".

"If we can see the future in a positive way, we can become a city of growth with a great future on the Costa del Sol. This is a unique opportunity to recover our history and look to the future," the mayor said.