Queues of people waiting to enter the Picasso museum.
Queues of people waiting to enter the Picasso museum. / SUR

The Picasso museum, the most popular in Andalucía with record visitor figures in 2016

The Malaga museums have not only managed to bring together one of the most important collections of art in Europe, but have also made it very profitable. The most popular of all the museums in Andalucía is the Museo Picasso Málaga which has seen its visitor numbers climb constantly, year after year.

In 2016 it beat all records with a 14 per cent increase, taking it to over the half million mark. The 558,033 visitors to the museum last year was 68,423 more than in 2015, which was when the Palacio de Buenavista reached its then highest ever figure.

These figures serve to reinforce the museum's position as the leader in Andalucía and confirms Malaga city's commitment to strengthen its profile in cultural tourism.

The Picasso brand includes the permanent collection but also promotes seasonal exhibitions such as those last year by Joaquín Torres-García and US artist Jackson Pollock.