Baby is delivered in mum's car outside her home in Marbella

Little Nabil with his parents in the Hospital Costa del Sol.
Little Nabil with his parents in the Hospital Costa del Sol. / SUR
  • The father, family members and even local police officers took part in the birth of Nabil while following instructions over mobile phone from the emergency services

Kauotar was due to give birth in January but her baby didn't want to wait. This 32-year-old from Nueva Andalucía in Marbella gave birth on Monday in her car parked outside in the street after going into labour inside the house.

Her husband and brother-in-law were the first to come to Kauotar's assistance, following instructions from emergency services over the telephone.

The drama began just after 10am when Kauotar told her husband and mother-in-law, who were in the house with her in Calle Jorge Manrique, that she felt unwell. They decided to take her to hospital.

"We hadn't even got out of the door when his head started to show," explained the mother from the calm of Hospital Costa del Sol. "We didn't know what to do and I couldn't stop shouting. They helped me as much as they could," she continued.

Two local police officers who heard the shouting soon arrived to offer support, followed by an ambulance.

"I got really nervous. I didn't know where to put myself," said Sezar, the proud father.

The couple have lived in Spain for almost ten years. Kauotar is originally from Syria and her husband is from Morocco. The baby boy has been named Nabil.