Young woman injured by a hit-and-run driver fights to find out who did it

Zamara in her hospital room.
Zamara in her hospital room. / SUR
  • So far the Guardia Civil have been unable to identify the man who knocked her off her motorcycle near Arroyo de la Miel on 10 October

Zamara Rodríguez has had no work for a month and a half, and when she does, it is only “because my boss is really kind and lets me wear black stockings,” says this dancer, actress and photographic model, who was badly injured in a hit-and-run incident near Arroyo de la Miel on 10 October.

The accident happened on the AP-7 motorway near the exit to Arroyo in the Cadiz direction. Zamara was in the right-hand lane on her motorcycle when she saw a light-coloured BMW in the middle lane, changing direction and getting closer to her. “The driver was looking to his right all the time, wanting to get into the queue of cars waiting to exit, and I knew he hadn’t seen me,” she says. “I felt completely helpless. I knew he was going to hit me and I couldn’t do anything about it.”

Zamara says the car hit her motorcycle twice, so the driver must have realised what happened but he didn’t stop. She was knocked off onto the gravel beside the slip road and suffered serious burns to 40 per cent of her body. Her injuries were exacerbated because she was only wearing a skimpy top. “I had stopped to help another motorcyclist who had been hit by a car in Playamar, Torremolinos, and used my sweatshirt as a tourniquet on him,” she says.

The Guardia Civil have still not been able to identify Zamara’s hit-and-run driver, and she is campaigning on social media to find him. “I was in so much pain from my injuries and the treatment that I wouldn’t even wish it on him,” she says. She hopes he will feel remorse about his actions and will come forward to the authorities.