Malaga sets itself 2019 target to stop putting down abandoned animals

The animal shelter is in the Las Virreinas area of Malaga.
The animal shelter is in the Las Virreinas area of Malaga. / SUR
  • The ruling PP party and Ciudadanos have signed a pact to reorganise the city’s animal shelter where 1,300 pets were destroyed last year

From 1,326 animals put down in 2015 in Malaga’s animal shelter (Centro Zoosanitario de Málaga) to zero by the middle of 2019. That’s the ambitious target that the city’s politicians have set themselves following an agreement signed on Wednesday between the ruling Partido Popular party (PP) and Ciudadanos (C’s). The new target is a precondition of C’s supporting the minority PP administration’s new animal protection and welfare bylaws which are currently being debated.

Apart from trying to encourage more animal adoption, neither party has so far put forward the concrete steps they will take to reduce the numbers destroyed, although a working group will now consider all options.

Last year 637 dogs, 659 cats, 21 birds, three horses, a ferret and five other unidentified animals were put down according to municipal records.

Despite this high number, there has been a downward trend for a number of years. In 2012, over 2,000 animals were destroyed. Town hall officials have put this success down to a programme to increase the adoption of dogs in other countries and more control of the city’s feral cats by animal welfare groups.