The Lyrids

The meteors in the shower produced all seem to radiate from one point in the sky near to the bright star Vega

the night sky KEN CAMPBELL


Jorge, or Jordi, is venerated in Spain

In Catalonia and Aragon people buy books and flowers, particularly roses, to give to their loved ones on St George’s Day

torremolinos Tony Bryant


Your star sign?

We are all familiar with our own individual star sign, but how many people realise that these are all real constellations in the sky?

the night sky ken caMPBELL


The Fringe Tree

A stunningly beautiful shrub or small tree with long panicles of ribbon-like scented flowers followed by attractive blue -black berries in autumn

Gardening Denise Bush


Pruning Forsythia

Aim to cut out completely about a quarter or a third of the oldest stems and then remove some of the whippier growth to allow light to get in

Gardening hints for april Denise Bush


A bird sanctuary for endangered species

Two biologists have turned a former rubbish dump and gravel pit into a wetland with more than 2,000 birds from 200 species

seville MAría Dolores Tortosa


“My heart told me to slow down”

Antonio Banderas, starting a new, less hectic stage in his life after the “warning” his heart gave him recently, opens the doors of his new penthouse in Malaga