Gomphrena globosa

The Globe amaranth thrives in hot conditions and blooms non- stop from late spring until the end of autumn

Denise Bush


Conducting to conquer prejudice

They are still a rare sight in the masculine world of conducting, but that doesn’t stop them. Five female conductors talk of their experiences

Regina Sotorrío


Unspoilt beaches and a large dose of history

From the west of Torre del Mar to Chilches, authentic chiringuitos mix with fields, fishermen’s cottages, 18th century watchtowers and former train station buildings

Jennie Rhodes


A ‘cracker’ of a plant

In its native countries, Crossandra flowers are strung together with fragrant jasmine to make beautiful garlands


Hot weather, bad temper?

When temperatures are excessively high people who suffer from meteoro-sensitivity often become more impatient and irascible

Pilar Manzanares


Silphium perfoliatum

This attractive plant with bright yellow daisy-like flowers belongs to a genus with a fascinating history going back thousands of years

Denise Bush