Sand sculptures, street art created on a beach

The detailed work involved in making large figures out of 15 or 20 tonnes of sand is arousing a great deal of admiration among passers-by and people who come to spend a day on the beach

Nancy hayde / efe


Carthamus tinctorius

A rather special plant, Carthamus has been used for thousands of years as a dye for food and cloth and as a source of cooking oil

Denise Bush


Seaside devotion

The month of July sees the most cheerful of religious festivals, a procession that involves sun, sea and sand and whose history involves a garden in Israel and an English saint

Jesús Hinojosa


Wavy leaf privet

This form of privet is a tough, non-invasive and versatile plant with attractive foliage and beautiful scented flowers

Denise Bush


Different, but not so gloomy

Almuñécar has changed since Lee left in 1936, but its old town still holds the essence of Andalucía

Mark Naylor


Water births continue to grow in popularity

Six years ago, the University Hospital of Torrejón de Ardoz became a pioneer in natural methods of giving birth; since then, about a dozen others have followed suit

rubén cañizares

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