Spain's Goya film award nominees will not attend because of the Covid-19 closures in Malaga

Antonio Banderas, María Casado and Mariano Barroso, at the Goya awards preview.
Antonio Banderas, María Casado and Mariano Barroso, at the Goya awards preview. / EFE
  • Antonio Banderas and María Casado will front the televised ceremony which will be held on 6 March at the Teatro del Soho Caixabank in the city

Spain's Goya film awards gala has been turned upside-down in just 24 hours with the announcement of the closure of all non-essential activity in Malaga, after the city exceeded the 1,000 incidence rate for the coronavirus.

The Covid-19 control measure, which was announced this Monday, will come into force from Wednesday morning and last for at least two weeks.

As a result - and because of uncertainty about how the situation will evolve - the Goya gala, which is to be held on 6 March at the Soho Caixabank Theatre in Malaga has announced that nominees will not attend the ceremony in person but be connected by video calls from their homes.

The only people to attend the ceremony will be the presenters and award-givers, as well as the winner of the Goya de Honor, Ángela Molina, and the singers Vanesa Martín and Aitana who will perform.

Antonio Banderas, director and presenter of the Goya gala together with journalist María Casado, said, "Being realistic we are going to do a hybrid gala.”

“All protocols must be complied with and this sends a message to all groups: this is a global fight. The pandemic has worsened and now we are at a peak, and we do not know how it will be when we get to 6 March," said the Malaga actor.

Director of the Film Academy, Mariano Barroso, also defended the awards presentation which are going ahead “in recognition of the cinema industry and all those who have released films in this difficult year.”