Malaga to take starring role with the first permanent drive-in cinema in Andalucía

An artist’s impression of the drive-in movie theatre.
An artist’s impression of the drive-in movie theatre. / SUR
  • If it gets the go-ahead it will be the second largest in Europe and could open its doors this coming summer on a 16,000-square-metre plot in the city

The first permanent drive-in movie theatre in Andalucía, and the second largest in Europe, could open its doors as early as this summer on a 16,000-square-metre plot located on Malaga's Guadalhorce industrial estate.

Tamara Istambul and Cristina Porta are the two businesswomen from Granada who are behind the ambitious project.

Two years ago they set their eyes on Malaga to open a drive-in cinema similar to the one they have been successfully operating in Madrid since 2017.

The businesswomen have reached an agreement with the owner of the plot on a rental basis for 10 years.

"We already have a report from the city council that supports the development of the project on the land and all that we are missing is the municipal activity license, which we have already requested," explained Cristina Porta, who says that if there are no delays, the Malaga drive-in could open its doors this summer.

Porta says that during the pandemic the number of users of their Madrid drive-in has increased by 25 per cent and currently more than 120,000 people pass through its facilities each year.

"We believe that this type of place can also be successful here in Malaga and it will be a different, safe and cultural leisure alternative.”

Food trucks

An artist’s impression of the drive-in movie theatre.

An artist’s impression of the drive-in movie theatre. / SUR

The Malaga drive-in will have a capacity for 250 vehicles and also offer a seating area for 250 people located in front of the cars. "We have the licences to screen recently-released films although now there are few premieres with the pandemic and we will also be showing classics," explained Cristina Porta.

The drive-in will also have a restaurant and food truck area and will offer customers the possibility of ordering food and drink through a mobile application, so that they do not have to get out of the car to receive it.

"The squares are marked with a letter and a number, so they only have to indicate their location and our delivery people will take the food to the vehicle with all the appropriate security measures," said Porta, who assures that, since the pandemic began, have not registered any contagion in their Madrid drive-in.

Movie goers will be able to hear the film soundtrack in their vehicle through a company-contracted FM radio frequency.

The businesswomen say that the drive-in could employ a hundred people and they hope to get the necessary permits from the authorities soon to make a reality in the coming months.