Mijas YouTube star causes stir with Andorra move

El Rubius.
El Rubius. / SUR
  • El Rubius says he's moving to the Principality because "all" his friends are there, but that the tax benefits are obviously a "plus"

A famous YouTuber from Mijas has courted controversy after announcing he is moving to Andorra.

Rubén Doblas Gundersen, better known as El Rubius, has justified his move by claiming that “all” of his friends are already living in the Principality.

The 30-year-old, who was born to a Spanish father and a Norwegian mother, grew up between his parents' two countries and posted his first YouTube video in 2006.

He went professional in 2011, and now boasts some 39.5 million subscribers on the platform thanks to his gaming videos and vlogs, making his channel the 36th most popular in the world.

Although he claims that being closer to his friends is the motivation behind his move, he concedes that Andorra’s lower taxation rate is “obviously a plus”.

Indeed, many of the friends to whom he refers are fellow YouTubers who have already been enticed by Andorra’s 10% maximum income tax rate, compared to the 47% upper limit in Spain.

Among those critical of the exodus is another Spanish YouTuber Alejandro Fernández, also known as Alexelcapo. He argues he and his fellow high-earning stars have a responsibility to make a fair contribution to the system, and that the ongoing pandemic has demonstrated the vital role that public services play in society.

However, El Rubius remains defiant. He claims that, if it were purely for tax reasons, he “would have left years ago”, and underlines that he has spent the last ten years paying into the Spanish system.