Toast the New Year with sparkling wine from Malaga

Malaga’s sparkling wines can often be found in specialist wine shops.
Malaga’s sparkling wines can often be found in specialist wine shops. / AFP
  • Some excellent sparkling wines are made in different parts of the province

Ten years ago it was unthinkable that a sparkling wine would be made in Malaga. Now there are several. Between 2014 and 2019 seven bubbly wines came onto the market. At the moment it is possible to buy these wines for between 8.50 and 25 euros, which, although not under the protection of a Denominación de Origen (DO), are nonetheless of excellent quality. The wineries that produce these wines are from different parts of the province: Malaga city, Serranía de Ronda, Vega de Antequera and the Axarquía.

Botani espumoso

This was the first sweet muscatel and started production in 2014. Botani espumoso is sparkling wine made with grapes from the Axarquía by Grupo Jorge Ordóñez. It costs between 11 and 13 euros. It is not difficult to find in specialty stores and can be bought in the La Malagueña wine store, a company recently awarded the Puerta Nueva prize for its commitment to the wines of Málaga and the Sierras de Málaga.

Apiane espumoso

Although the Tierras de Mollina winery no longer exists as such, its wines are still distributed from the Virgen de la Oliva cooperative, also based in the town of Mollina.

Among the most successful wines at this time of year is the sparkling Apiane, a bubbly sweet muscatel wine made from grapes from this town in the Vega de Antequera. At present, it is distributed by Narbona Solís, which delivers it to many restaurants and specialty stores. The average price is around 9 euros a bottle.

Florestel seco

The Quitapenas winery in Guadalmar has two sparkling wines, one sweet and one dry. This emblematic firm started its particular journey with these bubbly wines in 2014, a few months after the Botani appeared on the market. However, unlike the Botani, the first Florestel was dry, made from the Alexandria Muscat grape. It can be purchased for 8.50 euros for the 2018 vintage both at the winery itself and at its online shop, as well as at other specialist online sites.

Florestel dulce

Following the success of Florestel Seco, this centenary winery produced its own sweet, sparkling wine in 2016, also made with Alexandria Muscat grapes. It can be purchased direct from the winery in Guadalmar or through it’s online shop. The 2019 vintage costs around 8.50 euros.

Las Olas de Melillero

For the past three years, the Victoria Ordóñez winery has been producing its own sparkling wine. This wine is a rosé that is a blend made from red grapes (Petit Verdot, Syrah and Tempranillo) with Pedro Ximénez, all of them coming from the Montes de Málaga region. They come from two enclaves located in the natural park (the Badillo and Puerto del León vineyards) and from La Fresnada, in the Camarolos mountain range (Sierra Norte de Málaga). The 2017 vintage can be found in specialised wine stores and shops that carry gourmet products. It is priced at around 17 euros. It can also be purchased directly from the Bodegas Victoria Ordóñez online store.


This sparkling wine, a ‘brut nature’ made from Alexandria Muscat grapes, came onto the market in 2018. This sparkling wine is made using the ‘champenoise’ method, like the classic French champagne. In this way, it has a second fermentation in the bottle which allows the natural development of carbon dioxide gas and, therefore, the characteristic bubble of this type of sparkling wine. In addition to representing a milestone in the wine history of Malaga by the method used, it is also a great reserve. After a first vintage of 2015, which had 30 months aging in the bottle, the 2016 vintage has six months more of aging in the bottle. Despite this, its retail price is still around 25 euros. It can be purchased directly from the winery’s shop in Rincón de la Victoria (Licorería Antonio Muñoz Cabrera).

Cloe Brut Nature

Another prestigious winery in Malaga that has its own sparkling wine is Doña Felisa, in Ronda. In August of last year they brought out another ‘brut nature’ made with the ‘champenoise’ method, which involves a double fermentation of the must in the bottle (in this case, fourteen months of aging). Unlike the Tartratos, this one is made with the Sauvignon Blanc grape. The average price of a bottle of the 2017 vintage is around 20 euros. You can buy it online on the website itself or in stores specialising in wines.