Banderas back in good health and working on a new Broadway musical for his theatre in Malaga

Antonio Banderas, at the press conference this week.
Antonio Banderas, at the press conference this week. / Diego Conesa
  • The actor told the press this week that he will be changing the format of the Goyas and is planning an exciting show for the autumn of 2021

Antonio Banderas, now recovered from Covid-19, called an informal press conference at the Teatro del Soho Caixabank this week to talk about his theatre, film and television projects and show that he is once again at the helm of his ship.

He explained that his coronavirus had not been asymptomatic: he had had a fever, but "now I feel fine". So much so, that the actor, director and producer revealed that he is preparing a new Broadway musical for 2021, that the programme for his theatre will include Ana Belén, Ricardo Darín and José María Pou, and explained that his latest project, the Soho TV production company, will feature an interview programme.

He is also currently preparing for the Goya awards, which will be held at the theatre next year, and he has firm plans to introduce some changes.

"I want to make them much shorter, with a certain solemnity about them, less frivolity.These awards will be special because what has happened in this country has been very serious," he said.

He will be persenting the gala together with journalist María Casado. Logically, reservations will depend on how the pandemic evolves, but he said "we are going to see how things are in February and, depending on that, I have a plan A, a plan B and a plan C".

Banderas explained that the Soho theatre had kept going through the pandemic, partly due to organising the Goyas. He is not yet prepared to announce the programme of future shows at the Soho until October, to avoid announcing them and then finding they cannot take place, as occurred with A Chorus Line in Madrid in September and in the summer at La Malagueta bullring.

"This is a company with 95 people and an investment of one and a half million euros, and if one person tested positive we would have had to stop everything, so it was an incredible risk," he said about the cancellation of his Broadway musical this year. He also reiterated the safety measures put into effect to protect the public and the workers, and stressed that "nobody in this theatre has tested positive; I caught the virus elsewhere." It was at a dinner, in fact.

An interview programme

Antonio Banderas also gave details of the first steps towards one of his new projects, the Soho TV production company. "I can tell you that we are going to do programmes with interviews with major names in politics and philosophy," he said, as well as music and flamenco programmes.

This theatre in Malaga is Banderas' dream, and he confirmed that he has now set aside projects as a film director in order to concentrate on it, although he will have to finish the two films he was working on which had to be suspended because of lockdown. He will shortly be heading for Germany to film Uncharted, the super-production which is an adaptation of the videogame of the same name, and on 18 September he will resume filming Competencia Oficial in Madrid.

In October, he plans to start rehearsing the next Broadway musical at the Teatro de Soho. We are not allowed to know which one it is yet, because the purchase of the rights is still being finalised. It will not premiere until late 2021, as Banderas plans to continue the international tour of A Chorus Line beforehand.

Although everything depends on the evolution of the pandemic, his schedule "in an ideal world" is to take A Chorus Line to London in July and New York in August, and then return to Malaga to star in the new musical on which he is already working and is longing to be able to announce.