Daniel García Peinado, Spain's ambassador for extra virgin olive oil

Daniel García Peinado.
Daniel García Peinado. / SUR
  • The Malaga chef known for specialising in 'liquid gold' is now the culinary representative of AOVE Spain

The extra virgin olive oil (AOVE to using its Spanish initials) produced in Spain now has a gastronomic ambassador from Malaga, the chef Daniel García Peinado. Nicknamed since 2015 as the 'AOVE chef' for his specialisation in this healthy oil that is the backbone of the Mediterranean Diet, he is now the culinary reference of the AOVE Spain company, an initiative that developed during quarantine to elevate 'liquid gold' to the place it deserves.

His objective is to reach homes and catering establishments to spread the advantages of using extra virgin olive oil in the kitchen. To achieve this he has started publishing a series of videos on AOVE Spain's social networks offering recipes, practical advice and some tricks on how to use 'olive juice'.

The AOVE Spain project aims to become not only a reference site for the sector but also a vehicle for training at different levels with the possibility of completing online courses related to the culinary applications of extra virgin olive oil.