Local Cubs and Beavers go camping at home

Tents and shelters were set up in gardens, on terraces and indoors.
Tents and shelters were set up in gardens, on terraces and indoors. / SUR
  • Lockdown meant that the 1st Fuengirola Scout Group had to cancel its spring camp, but that didn't stop the youngsters pitching their tents at home

When the coronavirus lockdown stopped everyone in their tracks, the 1st Fuengirola Scout Group had to rethink its agenda. Not only did meetings get moved online, they also faced the disappointment of missing the camp planned last weekend at the Bermejales Scout site near Granada.

Thanks to the Camp@Home initiative, however, 16 of the youngest members of the group, mainly Cubs and Beavers, experienced the fun of a Scout camp without leaving their homes.

"Young people were required to camp for one or two nights in a tent or a shelter, to know how to lay out their camp bed, to know how to build and light a fire, to cook a meal on the fire or in the kitchen, to play a wide game and to sing a camp fire song," explained 'Akela' Dianne Peel.

"Children were able to set up their tent or shelter in the house or outside and meals could be cooked on the barbecue or in the kitchen, depending on what was possible in each home," she added.

Of course the activities required the help of parents, who were provided with information on how to guide their children through the different activities.

These included inventing a super hero, identifying constellations in the night sky, taking part in a scavenger hunt and learning and using pioneering skills.

"One family made a catapult and another family made flagpoles using the knots that they had been learning. A couple of families linked up online for campfire songs and some families sat round a ring of candles to sing," said Dianne.

The lifting of restrictions also meant that participants could go on a hike during the camp.

Throughout the weekend updates, videos and photographs were posted on the group Facebook page. At the end of the camp parents presented their children with a certificate, and badges will be given out when the group gets to meet up again in September.