Flamboyant former mayor of Malaga to appear on Celebrity Masterchef

Celia Villalobos, ex-mayor of Malaga, was a well-known but controversial figure in politics.
Celia Villalobos, ex-mayor of Malaga, was a well-known but controversial figure in politics. / Salvador Salas
  • The recording of the show in which Celia Villalobos will take part will be in the summer, although no date has been confirmed yet

The former Minister of Health and ex-Mayor of Malaga, Celia Villalobos, was unveiled on Tuesday as one star of the fifth edition of the Spanish programme MasterChef Celebrity, a show on which famous faces demonstrate their skills in the kitchen.

Villalobos, known for her colourful and outspoken character, was born in Arroyo de la Miel, Benalmádena, in 1949, and held various positions in the Alianza Popular and the PP political parties, was a member of the European Parliament, Mayor of Malaga, Minister of Health and Consumer Affairs, the First Vice President of Congreso and a Member of Parliament until she left active politics in 2019.

During the 'mad cow' crisis in 2001, her statements as Minister of Health on how to make stock using pork bones, beef shin and spine were controversial, although she will now have the opportunity to demonstrate her culinary knowledge in the next edition of the show which will be broadcast on Spanish TV's channel one.


The broadcaster, RTVE, has announced that Villalobos will join Spanish comedian Flo, Juan José Ballesta (actor), Raquel Meroño (actor and presenter), Gonzalo Miró (TV presenter), La Terremoto de Alcorcón (singer, actor), Melani Olivares (actor), Josie (stylist), Raquel Sánchez Silva (journalist and presenter) and David Fernández.

The recording should take place during the summer, although sources at its production company, Shine Iberia, said there were no confirmed dates either for the start of recording or for the start of broadcasting.

The total number of contestants who will take part in this fifth edition of the competition is also yet to be confirmed.