Art is producing smiles at the Materno hospital

Ángel and Pachi Idígoras, beside one of their murals at the hospital.
Ángel and Pachi Idígoras, beside one of their murals at the hospital. / Eva S. Melendo
  • The Idígoras brothers have decorated 60 metres of the new isolation chambers

What happens when a children's hospital is filled with art designed by and for the youngsters who stay there? That's what we asked when brothers Ángel and Pachi Idígoras, artists and SUR cartoonists, told us they had decorated the fourth floor of Malaga's children's and maternity hospital (known as the Materno) with beautiful pictures. And the answer was, it cheers the youngsters up and makes them smile.

The artists decided the themes should be diverse and adapted to the children's requests, but that they should always feature animals to make them even more fun. The pictures, created on large vinyls, look as if they had always been there.

"It's lovely to see them finished after so much hard work," said Juan Carmona, the president of AVOI. The idea has certainly fulfilled the association's aim of helping these young patients to keep smiling. María Ángeles García, the head of nursing said, "We have seen a change in attitude in the parents as well as the children. They like the new area, which is much bigger and has more light, and the pictures stimulate their imagination while they're here and makes it more interesting for them".