A massive attack on plastic pollution

More than 600 people participated on Sunday.
More than 600 people participated on Sunday. / Félix Palacios
  • More than 600 people joined a cleanup operation at Sacaba Beach in Malaga on Sunday

Sundays can be spent taking a walk, enjoying the good weather on the beach or doing something different with the family. Or a combination of all those and for a very worthy cause. That's what more than 600 people did at Sacaba beach in Malaga last weekend, collecting up a massive amount of plastic and teaching children that it is antisocial and damaging to the environment to leave rubbish lying around on beaches and around the Guadalhorce river.

Lidia Guzmán was one of those who took part. The 19-year-old says she is the person in her household who urges the others who use less plastic, and she brought her mother, María José, along with her to collect the rubbish. "It's not enough to just recyle, we also need to consume less," said Lidia before taking a selfie of the two of them and starting work.

David García's daughters were also taking part in the experience. "We're having a nice walk as a family and helping with this cause. The girls are learning how important it is not to throw rubbish on the ground every time they have to bend down to pick a piece up," said David.

Volunteers from Malaga and elsewhere, like the dozen teenagers from sub-Saharan Africa who are being accommodated at the Cruz Roja home at present, also came to help. "They usually join in with all the initiatives we do, and when we told them about the trip to pick up plastics from the beach they were keen to come along," explained Lilian Pérez.

The monitors with La Asunción scouts group said the same. "They liked the idea of doing something different to protect the environment," says María Carrillo. The cleaning was organised in groups, along Misericrodia beach from La Térmica to Sacaba Beach; from the residential development to the river; and the area of the gas tanks, where people are dumping rubble and furniture as well as plastics and domestic rubbish.