An XL Instagrammer with Marbella style

    Actress Amaia Salamanca poses for Women's Secret and Llorca's recreation of the photo.
    Actress Amaia Salamanca poses for Women's Secret and Llorca's recreation of the photo. / INSTAGRAM M.LL.
    • Local influencer Marina Llorca is fighting prejudices about beauty on social media, where she has around 100,000 followers

    • The young designer produces copies of artistic photos of models and actresses to show that all bodies are beautiful, no matter what their size

    Marina Llorca is a young influencer who, for the past year, as well as advising on fashion and travel, has been breaking standards of beauty with her challenge #imitandomarinaxl, in which she reproduces as precisely as possible photos of models and actresses. Her aim is to show the world that beauty is not a matter of size.

    After finishing her studies in graphic design, Llorca began working freelance, but she has always been attracted by the world of fashion so she decided to complete her studies with several personal shopper courses. While working she thought it was time to create something of her own.

    "Between 2015 and 2016 I created a blog and an Instagram account. I particularly liked Instagram because it is immediate., she says.

    By early 2018 this young Marbella woman had attracted over 20,000 followers who liked her photos, tutorials and advice on makeup, fashion and travel on Instagram. It was in that same year that she came up with the idea of MarinaImitandoXL.

    On the way to the beach with her family, she decided to look on Instagram for different locations where she could take photos to update her account. She realised that none of the photos she had selected featured women who wear large sizes.

    "That concerned me. All the models had the same body. So I thought that maybe I could show that it doesn't matter what type of body you have, whether it is similar to the model or not, you can have the same photo taken and look just as good," she explains. Thanks to this project, her number of followers increased exponentially to 100,000 in just one year.

    However, not everyone is happy. "There are people who report the photos just to be difficult and that happens all the time. But then Instagram has been making a lot of changes and has even censored photos of women in bikinis, which is surprising," she says.

    Marina Llorca hasn't only been breaking barriers on social media in the past year; she admits that this initiative has also helped her to feel better about herself and overcome the few complexes she had. Although her followers see the final result, she says the photos involve complicated work, with several hours needed to plan, produce and set up.

    Thanks to the growth in her Instagram account in the past year, she has now signed a contract with a digital talent agency. "In terms of organisation and management I'm pleased about that, because I don't know how to negotiate with the brands. What I understand is how to edit a photo or a video," she explains.

    Although the project has only been ongoing for a year, she says she would like to expand it and even include other women.

    "I want to collaborate with other girls who beat prejudices," she says.