Local candidate for Miss Mundo to raise awareness of butterfly skin disease

Delgado,with a teenager who suffers from the condition.
Delgado,with a teenager who suffers from the condition. / SUR
  • Noemí Delgado, 25, of Benhavís, has chosen this painful condition as her charitable cause and will be its ambassador if she wins

Noemí Delgado is a 25-year-old teacher but is studying to join the National Police, and on 18 August she will be representing Malaga province at the Miss Mundo Spain competition in Melilla. She will also be raising awareness of the very rare 'butterfly skin disease' (Epidermolysis Bullosa).

The beauty competition will determine who will represent Spain at Miss Universe, and all the candidates are asked to champion a charitable cause. Noemí, who is from Benahavís, has chosen the DEBRA butterfly skin association, which began in Marbella and is still based there.

"Few people know about butterfly skin disease and I really want to help those who suffer from it, by encouraging funding for research to improve their lives," she said. The painful disease, which is genetic, makes the skin and mucuous membranes blister very easily.