Jimera de Líbar, the most cardio-protected place in Spain

Jimera de Líbar.
Jimera de Líbar. / SUR
  • Two of the defibrillators in the Plaza Virgen de la Salud and Plaza de San Roque are the most advanced types on the market

With one defibrillator for every 92 inhabitants, the village of Jimera de Líbar, in the Serranía de Ronda, is now the most cardio-protected municipality in Spain, far above the national average of one defibrillator for every 2,000 inhabitants. There are now five of these machines for public use in Jimera, and many local residents have been trained in how to use them.

The mayor, Francisco Lobos, decided to install the defibrillators after discovering that equipment of this type had been installed in Calle Larios in Malaga. He started by acquiring one, with the support of the provincial government, and recently added four more.

"Local people are delighted because they feel safer," he said, "But of course the equipment is also there for the thousands of visitors we receive every year."

Two of the defibrillators are in the busiest areas of Jimera, the Plaza Virgen de la Salud and Plaza de San Roque. They are the most advanced types on the market, providing 24-hour tele-assistance from a specialist in emergencies, calls to the 061 emergency service and GPS location of the defibrillator. They are also permanently monitored to ensure they are functioning correctly.