European medical students give benefit concert for Cudeca

EMSOC brings together future doctors from 25 countries.
EMSOC brings together future doctors from 25 countries. / MARIO ZENARI
  • It is hoped that this concert will become an annual event in Malaga

The only possible reason for a few empty seats at the EMSOC concert for Cudeca last Friday is that the music-loving public in Malaga didn't know what an absolute treat it was going to be. Tickets were advertised at a mere five euros, there was plenty of parking space right outside the venue - and the music was nothing short of inspiring. It was a good cause and it should have been sold out.

EMSOC is the European Medical Students' Orchestra and Choir: future doctors from more than 25 countries who gather annually to share their passion for music and create bonds of friendship and international cooperation. This year they met in Granada, but travelled to Malaga to give a benefit concert for Cudeca at the Faculty of Telecommunications Engineering.

First on the programme was 'Goyescas' by Enrique Granados, beautifully played by the orchestra conducted by Edmon Levon. This was followed by Dvorak's Symphony Nº 8, putting the audience in cheerful and optimistic mood for the interval. After that came Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco's charming 'Romancero Gitano' for choir and guitar with soloist Soledad Martínez Fernández on the guitar, and 'Gloria' by Karl Jenkins with movement IV, 'The song: I'll make music' exquisitely sung solo by the choir's conductor, Angeliki Ploka. A prolonged standing ovation brought an encore in the form of a lively 'Seguidillas' from 'La verbena de la Paloma' by Tomás Breton.

As the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine in Malaga put it, EMSOC "represents some of the human values we consider to be essential in our profession, combining culture, solidarity and medicine... The medicine of the future is in good hands, the hands of new generations who know, and share with others, that it is studied as a Science but practised as an Art".

It is hoped that this concert will become an annual event in Malaga. Eavesdropping on the comments of the audience reluctantly leaving the auditorium at the end we heard the words "uplifting", "professional", and even: "That was the loveliest concert I've ever been to." Those who went this year will be the first to snap up tickets in future.