The Bag Man - buying products by the kilo

Greg Both in his shop.
Greg Both in his shop. / G. POZO
  • Greg Both wants to encourage people to buy products by weight in his shop in Malaga

Greg Both, 39, is originally from Hungary and calls himself 'The Bag Man'. Far from trying to scare people, he says that with that name he wants to attract attention and encourage people to buy products by weight. In his shop on Calle Mármoles in Malaga, Greg sells items such as pulses, tea, coffee and other dry food. He is convinced that there is a growing demand from consumers to shop in this way as awareness of the damage plastic and other resources are doing to the environment grows.

"I also share the zero waste philosophy and leading a much more environmentally aware lifestyle now. I have worked for large multinational companies, always in a hurry, racing from one place to another and I got to the point where I decided that I needed to change," Greg explains, adding that he has managed to learn to live with less and feels much better.

He says that a lot of his customers live in the neighbourhood and like it because, he says, "It's the way people used to shop before." He has more than 350 products in the shop and also asks customers to donate glass jars and bottles so that other shoppers can reuse them. His business can be found online (