Here comes Celine Dion

Valerie Lemercier, in a break from filming.
Valerie Lemercier, in a break from filming. / SALVADOR SALAS
  • French director and actress Valerie Lemercier has been in Malaga to shoot scenes for a film about the world famous singer

  • The French company Gaumont is producing The Power of Love, and has chosen locations in La Malagueta district and the Miramar Hotel

She came out wearing slippers, a white overall and her hair held back in a net, looking comfortable and domestic. That was, of course, exactly how she was supposed to look because she is playing Canadian singing star Celine Dion in the film The Power of Love, and had been shooting a scene inside Dion's apartment. Or what was supposed to be her home, because as far as anybody knows the singer has never actually been inside the property she appeared outside in Calle Maestranza, in Malaga city.

During a break in filming, Celine turned back into French actress and director Valerie Lemercier, and left the building in the company of an assistant who held up an umbrella to protect her from the sun. Although by then she had taken the wig off, you could see the makeup and details of her characterisation as Celine Dion. It was difficult to tell the two apart.

When she was warned that the media were present the actress quickly put on the hat she had been holding, to hide what everyone wanted to see: her transformation into the singer who leapt to fame with the soundtrack to the film Titanic.

On the other side of the street was a large caravan where Valerie took refuge from the gaze of the media and prying lenses, but some of the blonde wigs which turn her into Dion could be seen through a window.

The film, which has a budget of 20.5 million euros, is produced by the French company Gaumont and tells the story of the Canadian singer, whose hits include All by Myself, I'm Alive and, of course, My Heart Will Go On.

Although there had been speculation that Angelina Jolie was the favourite to play Dion, it was Valerie Lemercier who finally convinced the star to support this authorised biopic and took on the role herself.

The film will show Dion's determination and personality from her birth in Quebec, her rise to fame and her marriage to René Angélil, who also discovered her and represented her until his death in 2016. Filming on the Costa del Sol was expected to take a week.