The old owner of a Crystal Palace football shirt finds it in a bar in Coín

Pete Carter on the left.
Pete Carter on the left. / T.B.
  • The shirt was raffled in the 1990s to raise money for the football club's redundant staff

A Crystal Palace shirt that was raffled to raise money for the ailing football club in the 1990s has been discovered by its original owner in a bar in Coín.

Coín resident, Pete Carter, who has lived in Spain since 2003, recently discovered the signed football shirt, which was part of a collection of shirts the bar's owner intended to hang on the walls of his pub.

During the late 1990s, Pete, a lifelong supporter of the club, was working and living in Maidstone. When Crystal Palace Football Club went into administration, he decided to organise a fundraising event called 'Glad All Over', which was staged at the Fairfields Hall in Croydon in July 1999.

The event raised more than 20,000 euros, which was given to 'Selhurst 46' - a fund set up for the club's redundant administration staff. The event included a charity raffle and one of the prizes was a Crystal Palace football shirt which Pete had had signed by both past and present Crystal Palace players.

The shirt had been donated to the bar in Coín by expat Mitch James, who had acquired it from former Crystal Palace player, Darren Powell. Powell was not a Palace player at the time of the 1999 charity event, and so Pete is now trying to trace the story back to the original winner of the well-travelled shirt.