"Beard Brexit" votes to raise money for two cancer care charities

Should it stay or go?
Should it stay or go? / SUR
  • Ian Froment is holding a vote to decide the fate of his beard, while also raising money for Cudeca and Macmillan

The UK leaving the EU is not the only event taking place on 29 March. Until Brexit Day, Ian Froment is holding a vote to let the people decide whether to keep or get rid of his beard.

However, each vote placed will take the form of a charitable donation to either the Cudeca Cancer Care hospice in Spain or Macmillan Cancer Care.

"The charity for the Stay campaign is Cudeca and the charity for the Leave is Macmillan in the UK," Ian said.

On 29 March the charity with the most donations will be revealed.

Ian explained that the varying opinions on his beard reminded him "about Brexit and all those who wanted to stay and those that wanted to leave". He has therefore given people another chance to vote and decide whether his beard should stay or leave.

Until 29 March all donations to the appropriate charity are welcomed.

To vote stay and donate to Cudeca visit To vote leave and donate to Macmillan simply type Beard Brexit into the Just Giving website: