An air of the Alhambra on the patio floor

Boa Mistura's first project at La Térmica covers more than 400 square metres.
Boa Mistura's first project at La Térmica covers more than 400 square metres. / SUR
  • A group of artists has just finished an impressive project, giving life to a courtyard at La Térmica

When they paint on the ground, there is nothing slapdash about it. They do it carefully in two phases, using different materials to guarantee the final result. However, between one step and the next it is essential to leave it for 24 hours to dry, and that week it rained in Malaga.

"It was pretty tense at times... luckily the weather cleared up for long enough for everything to turn out alright," says Pablo Purón, one of the founders of Boa Mistura.

This group of artists has just finished its impressive work in one of the courtyards at La Térmica, the cultural centre on the outskirts of Malaga. The project is called 'El patio del tiempo' and it is an invitation to introspection, a life with a slower biorhythm. "What we always try to do with these works is reinforce the identity of the places and bring them new meaning, give them more value than some of them have at present," says Purón about the work, which covers 400 square metres and was carried out with the support of the Cervezas Alhambra beer company.

The lattice work of Granada's Alhambra, twinned with the La Térmica mosaics, inspired Boa Mistura to carry out the project in the arts centre owned by the provincial government. It won't be their last visit, either.

"We're going to work on the social aspect of the centre, something that all the members of Boa Mistura are very involved with. There are two other courtyards and our aim is for the artists to do something in the main building and finish this series of patios," says the director of La Térmica, Salomón Castiel.

For Castiel, this first project by Boa Mistura "is going to mark a before and after at La Térmica, because it highlights areas which were used a great deal, but were seen as addons because of the importance of the main building, but now they will have a life of their own. It's impressive to see this horizontal art on the ground and something like this in such a large space. Really, it's not just enriching, it is remarkable," he says about 'El patio del tiempo'.

Boa Mistura are delighted by the idea, says Pablo Purón. "It would be a real honour, because the building is fantastic and what goes on inside, with all the cultural activities, is spectacular. Anything we can do to support this epicentre of culture in the city is wonderful, as far as we are concerned. Whenever they call us from La Térmica, we'll be ready to come, with our cases already packed," he says.