Christmas song for butterfly children

Rashpal is already making plans to record a dual language version of the Christmas charity song.
Rashpal is already making plans to record a dual language version of the Christmas charity song. / SUR
  • The song was written by Rashpal Singh and produced by former member of The Glitter Band

A British expat singer is to release a charity Christmas song to raise funds for the 'butterfly children'. Composed and performed by Rashpal Singh, the song is called Sack of Dreams, a catchy festive composition produced by John Springate, former bass player of '70s pop sensation, The Glitter Band.

Rashpal, who has been active on the coast since 2002, decided to record the track after learning about Debra, the Marbella-based organisation that cares for children suffering with Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), the genetic skin condition known as butterfly skin.

Rashpal came across the charity just a few months ago and was so disturbed by the effects of the disease; she felt the need to offer her support.

"I only found out about Debra a few months ago and I was so inspired by the work that they do, I decided to record a song to raise funds to help them continue their work. The music for the song was recorded in Wales and the vocal track was added at a studio on the Costa del Sol earlier this year," Rashpal told SUR in English.

Rashpal, who is also a published author, has been active with numerous musical projects on the coast, including The J Factor, a fundraising talent show that helped promote local musicians.

This is the first time she has recorded a song for charity, although she is already making plans to continue her support of the butterfly children.

"The good thing about recording a Christmas song is that it can be re-released each year, but I have decided to sing part of it in Spanish next year in order to reach a wider audience. " the 37-year-old singer explained.

The song will be released on December 1 and will be available from ITunes, Spotify and all major on-demand music platforms.