Bread made "without hurry" in Algatocín is one of Spain's best

Juan Manuel Moreno is the owner of Pan Piña.
Juan Manuel Moreno is the owner of Pan Piña. / SUR
  • Bakery Pan Piña, run by Juan Manuel Moreno, forms part of the Ruta Española del Buen Pan 2018

Just a short while ago, the list of the Ruta Española del Buen Pan 2018 (The Spanish Best Bread Route 2018) was published and one of the best 80 breads in Spain comes from the Serranía de Ronda, specifically from the Pan Piña bakery in Algatocín.

According to experts, there are two basic elements to make good bread. On one hand, only the best ingredients should be used, and on the other, a lot of patience is needed.

It seems that Juan Manuel Moreno, the baker that runs Pan Piña, is sticking to that criteria.

Moreno upholds the tradition of well-made bread, "without any hurry, and made completely by hand. At Panadería Pan Piña we know that product quality is the basis of our business. For that reason we search for only the best ingredients to use".

The route, an initiative by Panatics and Pan de Calidad to list the top professional bakers in Spain, picks out 80 establishments, among them are another two bakeries in Malaga: Horno de Leña Martín and El Mastren.

The bakeries were chosen through a series of six blind tastings in Madrid, Barcelona, Santiago de Compostela, Bilbao, Valencia and Granada, where a jury of experts from the sector tasted around 300 breads made at bakeries across Spain, using criteria such as taste, the quality of the crumb and the crustiness of the bread.

Gold and silver bread

The bakery in Algatocín is not only prized for being added to the list on the Ruta Española del Buen Pan 2018: Moreno is also famous for making the most expensive bread in the world, with edible gold or silver, which sells particularly well on the Costa del Sol.

The bakery was founded in 1940 when José Piña and his wife Manuela started making bread as Panadería Piña. Since 2007, although the business is carrying on in the same line of work, the company has been called Panadería Pan Piña.

"The bread and cakes from Pan Piña are totally handmade and with one hundred per cent natural ingredients; that gives you an idea of how healthy our products are," adds this baker from the Genal valley.