Floating luxury also up for rent

The Game Changer Bikini in Puerto Banús.
The Game Changer Bikini in Puerto Banús. / Josele- Lanza
  • The Game Changer Bikini, launched in the Netherlands last year and measuring almost 70 metres, is valued at more than 45 million euros

  • A yacht complete with helicopter and personal submarine has docked in Puerto Banús this week

They say that there are two happy days in the life of a boat owner: the day they buy it and they day they sell it, due to all the costs and headaches in between. Any multimillionaire who wants to act the part, however, will always have a luxury yacht among their list of status symbols.

But for those who have plenty of money to spend on a taste of floating luxury without the hassle, an attractive alternative sailed into Puerto Banús last week. The Game Changer Bikini is not up for sale but can be rented by anyone with an overflowing bank account.

This is one of the most expensive and modern boats available for rent in the world and its tenant on this trip to Marbella is thought to be a Russian magnate.

The vessel is 69 metres in length and was launched last year at a Dutch shipyard. It is valued at some 46 million euros.

The owners offer the Game Changer Bikini as a solution for anyone looking for some extravagant fun at sea, but without having to invest in a boat of their own.

The possibilities offered to the tenants of the Game Changer are most definitely out of the ordinary. As well as coming with a full crew, guides and security personnel, the vessel has its own helicopter, a fleet of jet skis as well as motorbikes for moving around on land and even a mini submarine.

The price, if anyone is thinking of treating themselves to a holiday at sea, might make potential sailors stop and think.

According to specialist websites the vessel can be rented for 220,000 euros per passenger per week.