"Comedy is right in front of you; my job is to point it out"

Kevin McCarthy.
Kevin McCarthy. / SUR
  • Kevin McCarthy, Comedian and writer, A former lorry driver, Kevin McCarthy began his career as a stand-up after an impromptu stint at the notorious Tunnel Palladium Club

The Salon Varietés Theatre in Fuengirola is to host two stand-up comedy nights this weekend. The shows will present Dave Thompson, Alan Francis and Kevin McCarthy, all of whom have received considerable fame on stage and screen in the UK.

Former lorry driver Kevin McCarthy began his career as a stand-up after an impromptu stint at the notorious Tunnel Palladium Club in London. He has since performed all over the world to audiences of between ten and 45,000 people. He also writes for television, recently participating in the BAFTA awarding winning ITV comedy, The Sketch Show. He has also worked as a warm up for shows like The Lottery and Later, with Jools Holland.

SUR in English caught up with the comedian prior to his arrival on the Costa del Sol and he revealed that he is amazed that people are "daft enough" to work as a stand-up.

Are you politically correct?

I like to think I am correct, but not political. I certainly do not condone racism and homophobia but I tend to keep it very real, which can mean sailing close to the wind on occasions.

Are you superstitious?

Not superstitious, no, but I am one of the few comics I know who have to eat before I go on. Most like to eat afterwards, but if I am not Jim to the Brim I feel there is something missing.

Where do you get your ideas for material from: real life situations, or from an inventive mind - or both?

Everywhere, comedy is right in front of you; my job is to point it out.

You apparently have the ability to find humour in any subject: is there any particular field that appeals to you more than others?

I hate to say it, but bodily functions amuse me greatly. The human body is a very funny thing.

Is there any particular comedian, or anyone, that has influenced your style of stand-up?

No, I am amazed at anyone who is daft enough to stand up in front of people to make them laugh, however Spike Milligan, Tommy Cooper and Monty Python enthral me.

I understand you organised courses in Winchester Prison: were you ever an inmate or prison warden?

I did not actually organise them, but I did tutor them. It was organised by Jongleurs Comedy, the now defunct Comedy Club chain. I have never been to prison, more by luck than judgement!

How would you describe Jools Holland?

A genius, a down-to-earth loyal friend and musical genius.

You have apparently appeared on TV as a 'straight actor'; can you explain what this means?

Yes, it means a non-comedy part, nothing to do with being gay or straight, but then that could be fun too.

I understand that you have a home in Spain; what do you like about Spain?

The weather, the coast, the people and particularly the food and the fact that a café con leche does not taste as good anywhere else in the world.

What can the audience expect at the Salon Varietés in Fuengirola?

An absolutely cracking night from three time-served comics, all with different styles: the other two are not as good looking as me though.

Your friend and colleague, Dave Thompson, describes you as a man "with enchanting charisma who combines intelligence with a common touch". How would you describe him and his comedy?

A wonderful judge of character to start with: zany, off-the-wall and downright funny. I am really looking forward to a wonderful show with him and Alan.