The microbreweries taking hold in Malaga

Three Monos craft beer
Three Monos craft beer / J.A.
  • Malaga province now has around thirty, making craft beers using traditional methods - here are the top 15

Nearly every region in the province has a micro brewery making traditional types of beers.

Although they are higher priced than commercially produced beers they are becoming more and more accepted by the public. The majority of these breweries have a range of beers that cater to a variety of tastes and many of them will open their doors for the public to have a look around.

Here is a list of fifteen of the best craft beer producers that can be found in Malaga province:


Murex was one of the first brands of craft beer to be sold commercially in Malaga. Besides the conventional blonde, black, amber and double malt beers, they produce beers with raisins and with a touch of cane sugar, both typical of Vélez-Málaga, where they are made. A third of a litre sells for about three euros.


Ardales has had its own local beer since 2014, made by the Gaitanejo company. Three different types are available: Caminito del Rey (APA), La Bobastro (Golden) and Turón (IPA). A 33cl bottle costs about 2.50 euros.


In the Sierra Norte de Málaga, at the foot of the Camarolos mountains is where Malnombre beer is made. It started out being produced in the basement of a family house here, in Villanueva del Rosario in 2016.

Among the various beers on offer is La Malaguita, a beer with a touch of lime, but there are others such as Malaje, Malware, Malahostia, Hello Kiwi and Carolina del Sour. The price of a 33cl bottle is normally under three euros and this brand can be found for sale in several specialist shops.

La Axarca

Tropical, Pale Ale, Universal and Malagueña are the names of the beers produced by La Domadora y El León, a pioneering micro-brewery in Frigiliana. The beer is 'unpasteurised with tropical aromas and flavours'. It is available from various specialists shops priced at around three euros.

Rosas de Málaga

This double fermented beer has honey from the Valle de Guadalhorce, mango from the Axarquía and citric elements among its ingredients. It is made on the La Moraga industrial estate in Alhaurín de la Torre. They have a promotion on their website at the moment offering two dozen 33cl bottles for 42 euros (under two euros a bottle).


This craft beer producer is in Alhaurín el Grande and has four different varieties of beer for sale. Blonde Ale, American Pale Ale, Brown Ale and Saison Pale Ale, available in bottles of 33cl for around 2.50 euros. They also have draught beer.


Not far from Puerto de la Torre, in Almogía, is a micro-brewery which already markets half a dozen varieties of beer: Rubia (Blonde Ale), Clásica (English Pale Ale), Green (American Pale Ale), Roja (American Amber Ale), Negra (Oatmeal Stout) and Nova (Indian Pale Ale). Prices are between 1.50 and 2.20 euros approximately. On this company's website you can buy beers in crates of a dozen.

Puente Nuevo

The town of Ronda is home of an ecological craft beer carrying the name of one of the main monuments of the area. The range includes Pale Ale, Rubia, Ámbar and Honey. Prices range from 2.50 euros to nine euros depending on bottle size.

There are also exclusive limited edition beers such as Submarina which is the only beer in the world that is aged under the sea (near Estepona). However this exclusivity is reflected in the price, a 0.75l bottle costs 100 euros.

3 Monos Craft Beer

Four young entrepreneurs decided to make their own beer in Malaga in 2015 and now produce half a dozen different types. These include Monkey Business (American Pale Ale), Lara Craft (South Coast Pale Ale), Dirty Harry (Indian Pale Ale), Monkey Python (New England IPA), Vito Hopleone (Double Red IPA) and Black Soul (Russian Imperial Stout). The factory is small but if you make a reservation it is possible to visit. Prices for a 33cl bottle are around three euros.

Gran de Select

In Manilva they produce a range of beers under the Gran Select brand. the gourmet range of beers are bottled in dark glass and sealed with a cork and wire muselet. The range includes Yellow (Pilsner), Cerveza Reserva I (Pale Ale), Vintage Cristian (Brown Ale) and Limited Edition 2014 (Barley Wine).

They are sold in 75ml bottles and are priced at between 11 and 34 euros for the limited edition. These are exclusive beers for special occasions.


This company, situated in Villanueva del Trabuco in the Sierra Norte de Málaga, has three different types of craft beer available at the moment. These are Blue Roses (Golden Ale), Lady Town (American Pale Ale) and Freedom (Imperial Red IPA).

They are produced by the care and hard work of Alberto and Marta, who have had their own micro-brewery in the town since 2015. Their beers are sold in various specialist oulets and you can have a look around the factory if you book first.


Marbella too has entered into the world of craft beers with the micro-brewery Savis. They have six varieties of beer available which are made with quality ingredients and by traditional methods. The beers are: Especial (Strong Lager), Original (Lager), Trigo (Ale), Neipa (Ale) and Oatmeal Stout (Ale). They are sold in 33cl bottles for between two and five euros. They also produce barrels from 50 euros.


This micro-brewery is one of the most successful in the sector in the whole of Spain. The founders, Arny and Pablo, produce a dozen different types of craft beer and also some exclusive beers for certain establishments. The beers available to the public are priced around three euros.

84 Brewers

Another micro-brewery located in Malaga produces beers for establishments such as La Casa de Guardia, Eboka and Jamón Power Urban & Grill. Among their original range of beers is one they make with a touch of Pedro Ximénez wine. They are famous for their Troyano and DoBeerman beers, made with American hops. Cost is around three euros a bottle and they can be found in specialist shops such as Central Beers Málaga.

La Catarina Craft

Under the La Catarina Craft label you can find six different varieties of beers. This company, which holds beer tasting sessions in its brewery in Marbella, was started in 2012.

Choose from Golden Mile (Blonde Ale), Muelle de Hierro (Mosaic Ambar Ale ), Cruz de Juanar (Cascadian Dark Ale), Altos Hornos (American India Pale Ale), Tarifa (Session India Pale Ale) and De Pedro (Double India Pale Ale).