The Único de Mondrón olive oil wins a gold medal at Terraolivo

An image of the Único de Mondron bottle.
An image of the Único de Mondron bottle. / SUR
  • This is the only Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the province to have won a prize at the international awards held in Israel

The San José Artesano Olive cooperative in the village of Mondrón in Periana is to be congratulated. In just three months it has won two international awards. In April of this year, the AOVE (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) Único de Mondrón won gold at the World Olive Oil Competition in New York (NYIOOC), the equivalent of the Oscars of liquid gold in the world, awarded by the prestigious publication Olive Oil Times.

It also won an honorable mention in the latest edition of the awards given by the provincial government. Now, just two months later, the Único de Mondrón has achieved more recognition. This time it was at the International Olive Oil Competition in the Mediterranean, Terraolivo, in Jerusalem (Israel), one of the most prestigious competitions at international level. The Verdial Único de Mondrón has achieved a Gold Medal and is the only AOVE in the province that has obtained this award.

According to the manager of the cooperative, Francisco Alcántara, this is an important achievement, taking into account that Único de Mondrón is a fairly new product that was launched in March, after the company decided to make a premium AOVE with the verdial olive typical of the Axarquía region.

"We are very satisfied. We know that Único is a great product, but these awards give us a boost and show that our hard work has paid off. It is not easy to get a prize of this importance and we are convinced that it will help us to promote the product commercially," said Alcántara.

Increase in sales

"It gives us increased visibility and puts our name on the map. With the World Olive Oil Competition in New York our sales increased by 300 per cent. After that first 'boom' we have managed to maintain an increase of 150 per cent," he explained.

Eight kilos of olives are needed to produce a litre of Único; for the other extra virgin oil about five kilos is sufficient.

The cooperative has produced only 8,500 litres of Único de Mondrón this year, which is being marketed in half litre containers, costing 6.50 euros each if six bottles are purchased, and cans of 2.5 litres for 18 euros. According to the manager of the cooperative, Verdial Único stands out both for its extraordinary flavour and aroma.