Torremolinos, beaming with Pride

Around 50,000 people joined the celebrations this year.
Around 50,000 people joined the celebrations this year. / ÑITO SALAS
  • A record number of people attended the three-day LGBT event, centred around Plaza La Nogalera

Rainbow flags were once again paraded through the centre of Torremolinos as the town became the centre of LGBT Pride over the course of the weekend. More than 50,000 people gathered in the Plaza La Nogalera across the three-day event to defend freedom and celebrate diversity against a festive background.

On Saturday, the turnout broke all previous records and exceeded expectations as nearly 20,000 people toured the town alongside a procession of six large floats.

Sponsored by La Nogalera's fashion outlets, the floats were once again equipped with water pistols, as well as anything from fans to condoms which were thrown to the crowds.

They followed a route through the town centre to the rhythm created by DJs and drag queens in a series of moving discos.

The outfits worn by the participants were as varied as the floats. This year the most interesting float was that of the Hotel Ritual, headed up by the transvestite Kelly Roller, who was accompanied by other friends, all donning the traditional red lifeguard bathing suits.

Other popular outfits and accessories, on a weekend that was cooler than in previous editions, included leather, feathers, PVC outfits, Bermuda shorts with knee-high socks and of course, more than partial nudity.

The event celebrated coexistence of various subcultures or 'tribes' - that of 'bears' and transvestites; of the drag queens of yesteryear and 'twinks'; leather and large headdresses; the rainbow and trans flags; party-goers and families.

The impact that LGBT Pride had on Torremolinos was again massive. It is a celebration that ever more local people are joining, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, in a town that pioneered freedom and diversity. Torremolinos is modern and forward thinking again.